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Ryan's Hope

***Updated-December 2014***

SoapNet’s Saint Patrick’s Day Marathon

Disc 1

1976- 1979

Disc 2


Disc 3

1984, 1987, 1988



Disc 1


July 7-10

Frank is pushed down a flight of stairs.  Pat introduces Faith to Bucky.   Johnny introduces Jack Fenelli to Mary.  Delia says a taxi almost ran over her.

Jack asks Mary where Frank has been getting his funding.  Delia cries the blues to Maeve that Frank is not showering her with enough attention.  Roger is in a gambling debt to an ailing Nick Szabo. 

Nell Beaulac comes to Riverside and says she has left Seneca.  Clem tells Pat that Frank was found at the bottom of the stairs and in the ER. 

Faith notifies the Ryan’s about Frank and they rush to the hospital.  $6500.00 worth of cash was found in Frank’s pocket.  Frank is given the last rites.  Mary and Jack walk along the pier and get to know each other.

Disc 2


July 9-11, 14- 18, 21, 22

Nell Beaulac comes to Riverside and says she has left Seneca.  Clem tells Pat that Frank was found at the bottom of the stairs and in the ER. 

Faith notifies the Ryan’s about Frank and they rush to the hospital.  $6500.00 worth of cash was found in Frank’s pocket.  Frank is given the last rites.  Mary and Jack walk along the pier and get to know each other.

Pat tells Delia that Frank is in the hospital from falling down the stairs.  Mary tells Jack she is not going to sleep with him.  Bucky asks Nell not to say anything about Bucky coming from money.  Frank goes in for surgery.

Delia and Pat tell Jill Coleridge about Frank. Delia acts odd about Frank in front of Pat.  Mary tells Jack that Frank had 6500.00 on him when he was found. 

Nel interviews with Dr. Coleridge.  Nick Szabo inquires about Frank through Roger.  Nel tells Marshal that she needs a job and has to be in New York. 

Bob asks Nick why Frank came to visit Nick prior to his fall.  Marshal pressures Ed to put Nel on staff.  Nick assures Bob that he had nothing to do with Frank’s fall.  Ed creates a job to Nel.  Bob tells Mary that Frank had visited Nick prior to his fall. 

Nel tells Bucky she will be working at Riverside.  Jill visits Maeve and they discuss Frank and Jill’s relationship.  Faith tells Bucky she is not thrilled with Nel working at the hospital.  Bucky asks Faith to his houseboat for dinner.  Delia invades Maeve and Jill’s conversation.   Faith tries to get Bucky to open up about his life.   

Seneca shocks Nel by showing up in Riverside wanting to know what is going on.  Johnny tells Frank that little John needs him.  Bucky opens up to Faith.  Ed says that he approves if Faith wants to pursue a relationship with Bucky.  Frank wakes up in the hospital.

Bucky talks to Pat about his “date” with Faith.  Nel is thrilled with Roger rather than Ed giving her a tour of the hospital.  Nick puts added pressure on Roger.  Seneca tries to patch things up with Nel.

Mary loses her temper with Delia in Fran’s hospital room.  Ramona gives advice to Bucky.  Delia complains to Bob at the way Mary treats her.  Bob asks Delia if she knows anything about the 6500.00 Frank had on him. 

Disc 3

January 13, 1989-The final show.

December 24, 25 1975- Christmas Eve and Christmas

March 17, 1976- Saint Patrick’s Day

1976- 5 shows of Mary and Jack getting married

December 31, 1976- New Year’s Eve

Disc 4

December 31, 1976- New Year’s Eve continued

January 1, 1977- New Year’s Day


March 1977-3 shows surrounding the wedding of Pat and Delia.

1978- Blind Delia

1978-Faith and Tom wed

Disc 5

January 24-28, 31 & February 1-4, 1977

Faith and Pat celebrate their engagement with Maeve.  Delia tells Bob she is going to give Frank the divorce and that she is pregnant with Pat’s child.  Jack says he wants an annulment since Mary is pregnant and he has never wanted children.  Frank agrees with Delia’s demands to get the divorce.  Jill worries she is going to lose the baby.  Delia apologizes to Faith and Pat about the way she reacted when hearing they were engaged. 

Mary and Jack discuss Jack’s impotence and getting an annulment.  Frank asks Seneca if he can see Jill to tell her about the divorce, but Seneca declines until Frank comes back with the divorce.  Mary asks Johnny to stay away from Jack because Mary wants to salvage the marriage.  Frank heads to the Dominican Republic for the divorce.

Bob tells Delia that Pat loves Faith not Delia.  Clem toasts to Faith and Pat’s engagement.  Delia announces she agreed to divorce Frank so he could marry Jill.  Father McShane tells Mary he does not the impotency is the core of why Jack wants out of the marriage. 

Faith is livid that Seneca has Jill in isolation.  Maeve tries to talk some sense into Jack.. Mary suggests Faith wedding be on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Seneca tells Jill that Frank is in the Dominican Republic getting a divorce from Dee.  Mary feels she will never love Jack enough.  A woman (played by Betty Buckley) hits on Frank at the Dominican Republic.  Alex offers Mary sympathy and hugs here and Jack walks in thinking the worst.

Alex explains to Maeve why Jack is so upset.  Roger begs Seneca to let him back at Riverside hospital.  Frank calls Seneca to find out about Jill and to let Jill know the divorce went through.  Jumbo refuses to take Jack from the Ryan’s.  Seneca gives Jill, Frank’s message.  Mary assures Jack that there is nothing between her and Alex.

Kathleen calls Maeve to tell her she broke her leg and asks her to come and stay with her to help take care of the family.  Maeve calls Sister Mary Joel to talk with Jack.  Pat explains to Bob why he has distanced himself from Dee.  Sister Mary Joel is outraged at Jack’s behavior.  Bucky decides to throw a party for Pat and Faith. 

Delia starts to fuss about Bucky’s party for Pat and Faith.  Faith finally gets to see Jill and Jill tells her that now that Frank is coming home she has to tell Frank that the baby is Seneca’s.  Jack is still furious with Alex.  Delia is seething at how close Johnny and Faith have become. 

Faith and Pat’s party is in full swing.  Roger warns Faith that Delia has something up her sleeve.  Frank arrives back in time for the party.  Mary and Jack reach a stalemate in their marriage.  Delia tells Pat that she has something important to tell him and it can’t wait. 

Frank visits Jill and shows her the divorce decree.  Jill tells Frank about her sleeping with Seneca.  Frank realizes that Seneca is the father of Jill’s baby.  Delia tells Pat that she is pregnant with his child.  Pat does not believe that he is the father of Delia’s baby. 

Disc 6

July 1978-January 1979

Faith and Tom’s marriage, Christmas Eve and day, Coleridge cabin explosion, nursery collapse on Jill, Seneca decides to operate, Pat tells the Ryan’s about Edmund, Ryan’s fly back to Riverside, Frank grieves, Jill wakes up, Jill rushed to Riverside.

Disc 7

March 5,6,7,8,912,13,14,15, 1979

Maeve off to Ireland, Johnny gets into stocks, Pat romances Nancy, Jill’s addiction to painkillers, Jack gets beat up, Mary gets rehired, Rae jealous of Nancy.

Disc 8

March 1979-16,19,20,21,22,23,26,27,28,29,30

Maeve comes back from Ireland, St Patrick’s day, Jill back in the hospital for addiction, Jack still in hospital, Frank and Rae reconcile.

Disc 9

April 1979-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17

Jill at the breaking point, Rae and Frank Getting closer, Pat and Nancy sleep together, Delia getting rich and helping Johnny with stocks.

Disc 10

April 1979-17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 29, 30, May 2, 3, 6

Jill having a breakdown, Nancy and Pat getting very close, Siobhan has feelings for Jack.

Disc 11

May 1979-7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22

Mother’s day, Nancy and Pat getting closer, Tom regains his vision, Frank and rae prepare to get married, Delia gives Frank and annulment.

Disc 12

May 1979-23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, June 3, 4, 5, 6

Nancy and Pat heat up, Rae and frank prepare the wedding, Delia buys Ryan’s, Siobhan and Jack start having feelings, Tom regains his site.

Disc 13

June 1979- 7,10,11,12,13,14,17,19,21,24,25,27

Nancy and Pat move in together, the marriage of Frank and Rae’s near, Jack and Siobhan deny feelings.

Disc 14

June 30, July 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11 1979

Dave Feldman has a heart attack, Rae pressures Frank to elope, Joe Novak enters Riverside.

Disc 15


Tension between Rae, Frank, Jill and Seneca escalates, Friction between the Ryan’s and the Feldman’s, Joe and Siobhan date.

Disc 16

July 31, 1979, August 5,7,8,11,12,13,15,19,20,21,24 1979

Rae and Frank near their wedding, Jill accepts a job in San Fran, leaves Seneca, Nancy, Pat and Adam triangle, Siobhan and Joe get close

Disc 17

August 25,28,31 1979, September 1,2,3,4,6,7,11,13,14 1979

Nancy and Pat split, Joe and Siobhan date, Rae and Frank drift, Seneca and Jill Split

Disc 18

September 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, October 1, 3 1979

Tom dies, Rae plots revenge on Frank, Joe and Siobhan split, Maeve finds out about Delia’s loan.

Disc 19

October 4,11,12,15,16,17,18,19,22,23,24, 1979

Disc 20

October 25, 28, 29, 30, 31 and November 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 1979

Disc 21

1979- November 10,13,21,23,27,29,30 and December 5, 7, 10, 11

Disc 22

1979-December 12,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,24,25

Death of Mary Ryan, Joe and Siobhan marry, Christmas

Disc 23

December 27, 28, 31 1979 and January 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11 1980


Disc 1

1980-January 14,16,17,18,21,22,23,24,28,29,30

Disc 2

1980- January 31, February 1,4,5,7,8,9,12,13

Disc 3

1980-February 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 28, 27, March 1, 4

Disc 4

1980-March 5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15,18,19

Disc 5

1980- March 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, April 1, 2, 3

Disc 6

1980- April 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19

Disc 7

1980- April 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30,   May 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8

Seneca and Kim’s aborted wedding, Barry Ryan Arrives, Joe works with Michael to bring down Tiso & Joe, Siobhan miscarries, Faith drinks heavily, Barry & Delia flirt, as do Michael and Kim to make Seneca jealous, Siobhan and Joe plan to leave for Detroit.

Disc 8

1980-May 9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18,21,22,23,24

Crystal Palace opening, Joe learns of Tiso’s involvement with Mary’s death, Jack kills Tiso, Joe goes missing, Faith misdiagnosis Little John.

Disc 9

1980- May 25, 28, 29, 30, 31 June 1,4,5,6,7,8,11,12

Ken George Jones arrives, Michael beds Kim, Frank and Jill begin to drift, Barry two times Delia with Lily, Siobhan and Jack talks about their feelings

Disc 10

1980- June 13,14,15,18,19,20,22,25,26,27,28,29

Siobhan leaves town, Ken George gets close to Jillian, Frank finds out about Rae’s deception, Barry gets close to Delia

Disc 11

1980- July 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,16,17

Rae is called upon charges, Kim is arrested, she and Seneca decide to marry, Ken and Jillian in Paris, Barry’s ex comes to town.

Disc 12

1980-July-18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, Aug 1, 2

Jack hires Michael’s ex, Amy as Ryan’s nanny, Ken George tells Jill about his illness, Barry beds Lily, Barry in traction, Seneca and Kim marry, Rae and Kim make amends, Barry resumes his affair with Lily, Jack meets Rose Melina.

Disc 13

1980-Aug-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21

Sparks fly between Jack and Rose, Faith catches Jill and Ken at their lake house,

Delia divorces Roger, Faith has it out with Jill, Amy starts to lose it and thinks Ryan is her daughter she aborted, Delia has heart to heart with Barry’s ex Elizabeth.

Disc 14

1980- Aug. 22, 25-29, 1-5, 8, 10

Kim tells Rae she is pregnant, Delia saves Johnny when he is held up at the bar.  Johnny is rushed to the hospital.  Thinking she is Ryan’s mother, Amy takes Ryan

and hides at the Crystal Palace basement.  Kim gets her first Broadway show.  While in concert, Ken passes out, Jill by his side proclaims her love, while Frank overhears.  Frank calls off the wedding.  Kim has an abortion.  Delia finds out that Barry has been cheating on her with Lily.  Maeve finds Amy and Ryan, and Amy hits her over the head with a bat.

Disc 15

1980- Sept. 11, 12, 15-19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30, Oct.1

Ken’s tumor is enlarged, and he composes a song for Jill.  Rae offers Michael a job.  Ryan is found and Amy is put away.  Delia tells Lily that she and Barry are engaged.  Kim leads Seneca to believe that Elliot is after her.  Rae plays Svengali to Michael.  Delia throws Barry a party with all his ex’s.  Ken wants Roger to give him an overdose.  Delia asks Maeve for advice on Barry.  Barry goes to Maeve to apologize for the trouble he has caused.  Rose starts warming up to Jack.  Rose gets stood up.  Roger knows that Faith knows about his killing Tom and she is drinking heavily.  Delia runs over Barry with a passed out Faith in the passenger seat.

Disc 16

1980- Oct. 2, 3, 6-10, 13-17, 20

Delia tries to figure a way to cover herself with Barry’s accident.  Faith tells Roger she will kill him the incriminating tape, but doesn’t.  Kim gets demoted to understudy.  Frank and Faith start to get intimate.  Faith goes into therapy to try and remember running over Barry.  Michael and Kim scheme to get her back her part in the Broadway show.  Rae asks Michael to keep an eye on Kim.  While teaching Michael about the fine art of wine, Rae starts falling for him.  Jack visits Amy in the sanitarium.  Ken is found dead and Maeve and Roger think that Jill gave him a lethal injection.  Kim feels Seneca is neglecting her.  Jill is missing.

Disc 17

1980- Oct. 21-24, 27-31, November 3, 4, 5

Maeve starts worrying about her situation.  Seneca berates Kim for talking to Michael about the case.  Rae overjoyed that Jill is in trouble and questions herself about being smitten with Michael.  Jill calls Barry at the hospital.  Maeve testifies.  Michael starts helping Kim on her takeover for the lead in the play.  Frank shares a romantic evening with Faith.  Kim drugs Connie.  Michael schemes and seduces Rae.  Jillian and Maeve reunite.  Halloween and Dee has another premonition.  Kim tells Seneca she drugged Connie.  Rose feels she is in Mary’s shadow.  Kim almost walks in on Rae and Michael in bed.  Rose and her dad meet the Ryan’s.

Disc 18

1980- November 6, 7, 10-14, 17-21

Rose starts getting close to Ryan.  Jill meets Claudius Church who will represent her.  Kim schemes start working on Connie.  Barry falls down Faith’s front steps.  Rae buys Michael Bucky’s boat.  Claudius calls a press conference.  While shopping Rose loses Ryan.  Kim sends Preston a ham, disguised as Connie.  Elliot lets Connie go and gives Kim back her part. 

Disc 19

1980-November 21, 24-28, December 1-5, 8

Bob explains his feelings to Faith.  Michael and Rae spend their first night together on his boat almost getting caught by Kim.  Bob walks in on Faith and Frank in bathrobes and tells Frank off.  On opening night Seneca catches Elliot making a play for Kim.  Seneca punches Elliot in front of the press.  Rose and Jack make love.  Rae gets Michael his own office.  Faith and Frank’s affair is out in the open.  Jill fires Claudius.  Elliot forgives Kim. 

Disc 20

1980-December 9-12, 15-19, 22, 23, 24

Frank, Faith and Delia find out that Barry has an alibi the night Ken died.  Kim surprises Michael at the houseboat.  Frank and Faith try to convince Jill that Roger is responsible for Ken’s death.  Rose and Jack go away together.  Everyone shows up for Kim’s opening night party at the Crystal Palace including Christopher Reeve.  Rae confesses to Roger her fling and feelings for Michael.  Kim and Michael make love.  Rae becoming paranoid and possessive of Michael.  Frank solves the mystery of who killed Ken George Jones.  Rose has a secret.  Christmas Eve.

Disc 21

1980- December 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 1981-January 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Christmas at the Ryan’s.  Barry wants to represent Kim.  Jill walks in on Faith and Frank.  Rae gives Michael his own office.  New Years Eve at the Crystal Palace.  Rae and Kim are jealous of Michael dancing with Dee.  Jack asks Rose to marry him and she says no.  Seneca thinks there is something between Kim and Michael.  Siobhan comes back to Riverside.  Seneca suspects that Michael and Kim are having an affair, but catches Michael with Rae instead.   Frank proposes to faith and she says…yes.   Rose is jealous of Siobhan and thinks she and Jack have something going on.  Joe Novak is back


Disc 1

1981- January 12-16, 19-23, 26, 27

Siobhan mysteriously receives a fur coat. After making love to Michael at Rae’s, Rae shows up early and Kim is stuck out on the terrace.  While Rae is visiting a sick Kim, she lets it slip that Michael was their prior.  After seeing how Faith reacts to a song at Ryan’s, Roger hypnotizes her and finds out Delia hit Barry and not Faith.  Roger plans a surprise party for Faith and…Delia.  Kim in the hospital with pneumonia.  Joe makes his presence known in Riverside.  At Faith and Frank’s engagement party the truth of who ran over Barry Ryan comes out. 

Disc 2

1981- January 28, 29, 30, February 2-6, 9-12

Delia begs Maeve for her forgiveness.  Joe goes to visit Johnny to tell him he is clean and to trust him.  Siobhan wants to give Joe a second chance.  Jack has Rose check on Joe.  Bob gives Dee his resignation.  Rae sets up Kim and Michael.  Little John is not accepting to Faith.  Seneca plans on taking Kim to Hawaii for 10 days.  Barry does not want her to go, and has plans for a film for her and her replacement Eleanor is doing too well in her absence.  Kim fakes being ill so Seneca goes to Hawaii alone.  Delia plans a rift between Faith and Frank on Valentine’s Day. 

Disc 3

1981- February -13, 16-20, 23-27, March 2

Valentine’s Day is not happy for all in Riverside.  Rae catches on to Michael and Kim.  Joe gets called in for questioning on his family.  Rae runs to Roger about Michael and Kim.  The Crystal Palace is vandalized.  Rae plots her revenge.  Frank keeps on dreaming of Jill lying next to him.   Rae is on pins and needles as she sets her plan to set up Kim and Michael.  Rose confesses all to Jack.  Rae catches Kim and Michael in bed.  Rae fires Michael. 

Disc 4

1981- March 17-21, 24-28, 31 and April 1

Rae rehires Michael with a stipulation.  Little John runs away.  St.Patrick’s Day.  Joe is being set up.  Kim and Seneca out with his friends and Kim is uncomfortable.  Little John sets up Frank and Jill while on the run.  With little John driving a wedge between Frank and Faith, Jill decides o move away from Riverside.  Kim reluctantly helps with a hospital benefit.   Rae hires Wes Leonard as an effort to make Michael jealous.  Jack tricks Delia into telling him that Tiso was behind the Crystal palace.  Jack thinks that Joe is taking over the Crystal Palace for illegal dealings.   Roger saves Delia from a smoking Crystal palace.

Disc 5

1981- April 1-4, 7-11, 14

Bob suspects Dee is responsible for the fire.   Faith tries to get Jill to help with little John.  Dee is released.  Joe and Siobhan tell everyone they are going away together, Jack fumes.  Jimmy makes a play for Kim and she slaps him.  While Faith is in Riverside, Frank shows up at the Coleridge cabin where Jill is.  Jimmy and Seneca have it out over Kim and Jimmy says that Kim does not want a baby.  To get back in Rae’s good graces Michael orchestrates a break in,  where he is rushed to the hospital.  Turns out Joe was behind the Crystal Palace burning and he now owns it.

Disc 6

1981- April 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30

Frank and Faith’s engagement party.  Frank tells Jill he cannot marry Faith since he still has feelings for her.  Siobhan and Joe go away on their trip.  Michael convinces Rae to give Jack an important story over Wes Leonard…as a favor for Joe.  Frank tells Faith he is still in love with Jill.  Seneca and Kim arguing about her career and pregnancy. 

Faith has it out with Jill.  At a theater party feeling out of place, Kim is slipped drugs and goes wild.  Rose goes  on a date with a Mafioso.  Joe and Siobhan enjoying their trip.

Disc 7

1981- May 7, 8, 9, 10, 13-17, 20, 21

Rae may be getting sued for libel.  Jill admits to Faith that she is still in love with Frank.  Jack realizes he has been framed.  Seneca walks out on Kim.  Wes and Delia dine out.  Rae fires Jack.  Michael feels the walls are caving in on him.  Joe and Siobhan back in Riverside.  Michael and Kim get together to talk about how unhappy they are and plan a future together.   Maeve and Faith have a big argument about Frank.  Jack finds out that there was a deposit of $50,000.00 in his bank account that appears to look like he took a bribe.  Seneca tells Kim he wants a divorce, and she meets Michael at his boat.  The Crystal Palace reopens.

Disc 8

1981- May 23, 24, 27-31, June 3-7

Siobhan asks Wes for help with Jack.  Rae realizes that Kim and Michael are having an affair.  Faith tells Bob that nobody is going to walk over her anymore.  Rae tries to convince Seneca not to divorce Kim.  Michael is revealed to be the leak.  Roger has an unsuccessful intervention with Faith and Jill.  Rae pulls a gun on Michael and Kim finds out that he has been two-timing her with Rae.  Michael is shot.  Then he gets a visitor and then he is found dead.  Jack is questioned but then released.  Rae admits to killing Michael.

Disc 9

1981- June 10-14, 17, 18, 19

Rae vows to protect Kim.  Seneca throws Kim out and she loses her job.  Jill and Maeve go looking for her.  Rae finds out that Michael was shot in the back.  Siobhan goes and helps Jack investigate, much to Joe’s chagrin.  Roger figures out that Kim shot Michael and Rae admits it. 

Disc 10

1981- June 20, 21, 24-28, 31, July 1-4

Kim in the hospital after hitting her head.  Joe finds out about Rose’s past.  Faith plans on being more assertive.   Siobhan tells Joe she wants to be involved in police work.  Frank thinks Kim shot Michael.  Rose is being threatened by Joe’s men. 

Kim is pregnant.  Barry becomes indebted to Joe.  Joe’s hit man Sal has a hit on him.  While sitting in the hospital Rae asks Maeve how to bring up a baby.  Jack drops some boxes and they find a dead Sal underneath.  Jack realizes Sal killed Michael.  Rae is cleared.  Rose says good-bye to Jack. 

Disc 11

1981- July 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Everyone is at the Chrystal Palace and Dee is flustered.  Siobhan meets Jim Speed when she goes to apply at the Police Academy.

Siobhan meets Alexi.  Faith plans a picnic with Bob.  Jill and Frank renew their law partnership.  Barry tells Seneca that he is the father.  Maeve finds out that Jill and Frank are partners again.  Both Frank and Maeve go to see Jack and he acts hostile as a front.   Jack continues to alienate himself from everyone and ends up hitting Johnny and causes a rift between Maeve and Johnny.  Jill and Faith argue.


Disc 12

1981- July 21-25, 28-31, Aug. 1, 4, 5

Faith meets Jim Speed.  Orson shoots at Jack and misses.  Maeve surprises Jack at his apartment to bring him to the Ryan’s.  Kim decides to sell her baby to the highest bidder, Seneca or Rae.  Kim disappears.  Joe saves Jack’s life.   Siobhan gets admitted to the police academy.  Siobhan tells Joe about the police academy and he goes ballistic.  Jack now working at the Crystal Palace, Delia treating him like a slave.  Siobhan is not doing well at training.  Frank and Jill rescue Kim from a thug.  Frank delivers Kim’s baby.

Disc 13

1981- Aug. 6, 7, 8, 11-15, 18, 19, 20, 21

Faith meets Jim Speed’s brother Craig and tries to help him with his drinking problem.  Rae thanks Frank for all he has done with Kim.  Roger advises Delia to move out of Ryan’s and be on her own.  Rae gives Kim an ultimatum on Arley.  Rae and Seneca’s battle for Arley has begun.  Alexi causes waves with Joe and Siobhan.  Maeve visits Kim in the hospital and comforts her.   Kim takes Arey from the hospital.  Kim stays with Maeve.  

Disc 14

1981- Aug. 22, 25-29, Sept. 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10

Jim Speed, Faith and Craig decide to go together to Maeve’s party.  Kim asks Maeve if she can stay at the Ryan’s with Arley.  While walking Maeve feels she is being followed and gets locked in the church. It is the opening of the Monte Carlo room.   Kim shows up at the opening.  Joe gives Kim a job at the casino.  Seneca picks up Arley and takes her home with him.  Kim asks for rae’s help to get Arley back from Seneca.  Seneca meets Barbara Wilde and becomes a consultant to her show.  Kim kidnaps Arley and skips town.  Siobhan is set up and taken a way.

Disc 15

1981- Sept. 11, 12, 15-19, 22-26

Faith dines out with Jim Speed and he tells her more about his background.  Roger tells Delia about a get rich quick scheme.  Maeve tells Rae that she is proud of Kim trying it on her own.  Barry plans on leaving Riverside and hears that his stepsister Elizabeth Jane will be arriving shortly.  Joe tells Maeve that Siobhan is missing.  Barbara and Seneca are getting close.  Delia is stars struck.  Siobhan is rescued and Joe commits to Alexi.   Jack finds a hidden compartment behind a mirror in Dee’s office.  Joe wants the investigation surrounding Siobhan’s kidnapping halted.  Barbara is financially in trouble and hopes to land Seneca.  Delia has her fantasy, “Hello Delia”.  

***Academy award winner Morgan Freeman has a recurring part as Ciero a pal of Jack’s***

Disc 16

1981-Oct. 6-9, 12-15

Orson and Delia almost catch Jack in her office.  The lead Rae had about Kim turns out to be false.  Orson gets shot while helping Delia.  The stock plummets and Delia is ruined.   Maeve views one of Jack’s incriminating tapes of Jack.  Delia lashes out at Roger for not warning her about her stocks and losing everything.   Jack finally gets Alexi and Joe on film.  Jill comes back from Boston without Frank.

Disc 17

1981- Oct. 16, 19-23, 26, 29, 30

Delia freaks out when she hears that the stock market went up and that the shares that she sold to Roger he gave to Faith making her very rich.  Pamela and Barbara blow up on the set in front of Seneca.  Delia meets Elizabeth Jane Ryan, Barry’s sister.  Joe finds out about the camera’s that Jack installed in his office.

Joe agrees to have himself set up by Jack to prove to Siobhan that is involved in illegal actions.  Spencer Smith calls to have dinner with Jill.  Siobhan asks Johnny to create a poem for Joe to give to him at his birthday party.

Jack and Joe’s plan works as Siobhan confronts Joe.  Spencer tells Jill that he has an ancient Egyptian collection.  Siobhan walks out on Joe.

Siobhan tells her family all about Joe.  Elizabeth Jane meets the Ryan’s.  Jack takes Ryan back home.  The ratings go down on Barbara’s soap.

Rae gives back Jack’s job.  The Ryan’s try and cheer up Barbara.  Elizabeth Jane asks Rae for a job and she gets one as Schultzie’s assistant.

Elizabeth Jane decides to crash the Proud and the Passionate party at the Crystal palace.  Siobhan finds out that Joe has been running illegal gambling.  Jill’s apartment has been ransacked.

Disc 18

1981- Nov. 2-6, 9-13

Delia tries to throw Jane out at the party, but Jane is stubborn hoping to get a story.  Siobhan wants to get an annulment from Joe.  Barbara meets the new producer and writers of the show.  Barbara ends up choking and falling at the party and has an emergency tracheotomy performed by Roger. 

Jill receives a phone call from Aristotle Benedict White.  Seneca catches Jane in the OR and tells her to leave.  Rae prints Jane’s story.  Barbara has no feeling in her legs.  Delia is showing her jealousy where Jane is concerned.  Jill meets Ari at Spencer’s home.  Faith catches Ari and Jill at Lem’s and assumes there is something going on.  Bob decides to quit and tries to convince Delia to do the same.  Ari asks Jill to the Egyptian Ball and she accepts.  Ari is shot by an unknown assailment. 

Disc 19

1981- Nov. 16-20, 23-25, 27, 30

Ari is not hit by the bullet as it turns out.  Jane overhears Barbara tell Seneca that she is suing Roger for one million dollars.  Delia lets it slip to Jane that Roger was drinking the night of Barbara’s accident.  Spencer begins getting sick.  Siobhan tells Jill she wants her marriage annulled not a divorce.  Maeve gives Joe a piece of her mind and lets him know that she knows what he has been doing.  Barbara is relishing all the press she is receiving.  It is Thanksgiving at the Ryan’s.  Barbara holds a press conference.  The Egyptian Ball begins.  Orson roughs up Delia.  Ari is mesmerized by Faith. 

Disc 20

1981- Dec. 1-4, 7-11, 14-16

Faith is enjoying all the attention that Ari is giving her since she resembles Marie Curat.   Jillian is not thrilled about it.  EJ decides to get a job on Barbara’s show to prove that she is faking the paralysis.  Spencer sees Faith dresses as marie and has a heart attack and dies.  Roger and EJ are getting closer.  Faith warns Ari not to do business with Joe.  Seneca tries to convince Barbara to drop the suit against Roger.

Disc 21

1981- Dec. 17, 18, 21-25, 28-30

The Ryan’s see Jane on the Proud and the Passionate.  Rae is impressed with Jane’s tactics to nail Barbara.  Rae tells Maeve to stay out of Jane’s business.  Joe tells Jack he know he has interests in Siobhan.  Delia plans to set Jane up with Barbara.  Siobhan and Joe are sad during the holiday.   Christmas day is spent with the Ryan’s and at Rae’s holiday party.  Barbara receives Delia’s letter and has jane fired.  Back to 1975…L


Disc 1


17 Shows

March 18, 1982-It is Saint Patrick Day at Ryan’s bar.  Patrick is back in town.   Ox tries to sell pearls and finds out they are fake.  Siobhan surprises everyone with her arrival. 

December 1982-Siobhan goes undercover. Delia believes that Roger took the note that Rae wrote to Kirk. Delia tells Roger the Crystal Palace will be destroyed because word will get out that Kimberly is Kirk’s daughter. Kimberly accidently retrieves the note.  Johnny tries to get Mitch and Jack to be allies.  Kimberly brings the letter where Pat and Amanda (Mary Page Keller) are working.

February 18, 1983-Rae retrieves a briefcase and tells Seneca that Amanda had a relapse.  Pat is lying unconscious. Delia tells Siobhan and Joe that the IRS is after her.  Jillian comforts faith.

February 21, 1983-A fire ensues at the hospital and Pat is found at the scene unconscious.  Maeve comforts Siobhan about Mitch’s death.  Jillian stays with Faith after Mitch’s death. Jill helps to prevent Faith from drinking. Hollis tells Rae that Pat is in critical condition. Roger calls Maeve and Johnny about Pat.  Maeve tells Johnny to call Frank home.

March 4, 1983- Catsy tells Rae and Frank that she will blow Hollis out of the water if he leaves her. Delia panics when the building inspector arrives.  Hollis chooses Catsy over Rae and Rae blames Frank.  Pat gets worse as Faith is visiting him in the hospital.  Pat goes into cardiac arrest.

March 17, 1983-Maeve asks Jack to cheer up Siobhan since Joe left Riverside.  Pat tells Faith that he had an out of body experience when Roger and Faith saved his life.  The Ryan’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Jack finds out that Leigh Marshall is really Leigh Kirkland. 

March 18, 1983- Leigh is confronted by Jack about her real identity.  Faith tries to get a hold of Amanda to tell her Pat is fine.

March 21, 1983- Leigh and Jack patch up their differences.

March 22, 1983- Faith brings back Amanda to Ryan’s.   Leigh and Jack share an intimate breakfast after a night of lovemaking.  Amanda walks in on Leigh and Jack. 

March 23, 1983- Pat gives Amanda a nice homecoming.  Delia schemes with little John to get Frank back in their lives backfires on her. 

March 24, 1983- Frank and Jill decide to try it again.   Leigh decides to help Amanda snare Pat. 

March 25, 1983-Frank & Rae argue once more about the Kirkland’s.  Leigh is mistaken for Mary Ryan. 

March 28, 1983- Roger confronts Delia about deceiving little John to get Frank back.  Faith feels left out now that Pat and Amanda are together. 

March 29, 1983- Faith tells Roger that she is fine about Pat and Amanda’s romance.  Frank and Jill decide to get married.

March 30, 1983- Faith tells pat that he needs to take better care of himself, since she let him out of the hospital early.  Leigh, Ryan and jack have an indoor picnic.  Jack starts remembering Mary.  Charlotte Greer plans on arriving in Riverside to disrupt Frank’s life. 

April 4, 1983- The Ryan’s throw a party to celebrate Frank.  Leigh feels left out when Jack does not invite her to the celebration.  Frank and Jill tell Maeve they are getting married.  Charlotte picks out her wardrobe for her trip to Riverside.  Jack imagines Mary is around him. 

April 8, 1983- Jack decides to go back and get Leigh and bring her to the party.  Jack introduces Leigh to the Ryan’s.

Disc 2


19 shows

April 11, 1983- Charlotte is held up in traffic. (Jimmy Smits plays her driver).  Frank introduces his family to the voters.  Charlotte Greer shows up as Mrs. Frank Ryan. 

April 12, 1983- Frank visits Charlotte and denies knowing her.  Amanda makes up stories about Faith to Leigh. 

April 13, 1983- Leigh learns more about Jack after talking with Maeve.  Rae relishes in Frank’s disaster. 

April 14, 1983- Leigh, Ryan and Jack go to the ballet.  Delia poses as a maid to get closer to Charlotte. 

April 15, 1983- Charlotte busts Delia and tries to convince her she is not a fake.  Mary and Jack talk about Ryan. 

April 18, 1983- Delia lets Maeve know about her visit with Charlotte.. 

April 19, 1983- Pat confronts Frank about his doubts with Charlotte.   Amanda bad mouths Faith to Pat.  Amanda’s doctor calls her and she acts very hostile to him.  Frank confronts Delia about Charlotte.

April 20, 1983- Frank tells Johnny that he is upset that Johnny and Pat are believing Charlotte.  Jill arrives home and tells Frank she did not find anything out on Charlotte.

April 21, 1983- Jill goes to visit Charlotte.  Maeve has it out with Charlotte.  Maeve tells Johnny that Charlotte is evil and is worried for Frank.

April 25, 1983-Maeve tells Frank that she is worried for him.  Maeve tells Delia, Pat and Siobhan that they must support Frank from Charlotte. 

April 26, 1983- Rae shows up at Frank’s press conference.  Leigh tries to convince Amanda that Pat is in love with her.  Charlotte disrupts the press conference.  Frank resigns and Jill is offered the seat.

April 27, 1983- Jill accepts the offer to run for congress.  Faith and Pat get stranded in a rainstorm.

April 28, 1983- Faith tells Patrick about Mitch.   Leigh tries cheering up Amanda during the rainstorm. 

April 29, 1983- Pat and Faith wake up in each other’s arms.  Amanda shows her vulnerable side to Leigh. 

May 2, 1983- Frank gives a press conference to withdrawal his nomination.  Roger grills Jill on her nomination.  Amanda is panicking over Pat. 

May 3, 1983- Frank and Bob abduct Charlotte.  Amanda’s dark side appears as she attempts to take her own life. 

May 4, 1983- Roger helps Pat and Faith to raise money for their clinic, via Rae.   Pat has visions of Amanda drowning in her bath.

May 5, 1983- Charlotte surprises Bob on her knowledge of his background.   Frank threatens Charlotte with prosecution.  Pat arrives to pull Amanda out of the bath tub. 

May 6, 1983- Pat brings Amanda to the hospital after giving her CPR.   Continued on next disc.

Disc 3


18 Shows

May 6, 1983- Continued from previous disc.  Amanda wakes up in the hospital with Pat by her side.  Pat tells Amanda that he loves her.  Charlotte tries to escape, but Bob catches her. 

May 9, 1983- Leigh realizes that Amanda is having serious problems.  Pat tells Leigh that Amanda is having issues because of her shooting her father when she was young.  Charlotte is near the breaking point. 

May 10, 1983- Charlotte begins to crack under pressure.

May 11, 1983- Rae tells Roger that she will not help to fund the clinic.  Faith confronts Amanda about her jealousy.  Amanda tells Pat that Faith is special.  Frank realizes that Charlotte’s father set her up to frame Frank. 

May 12, 1983- Charlotte continues to have a break down.

May 13, 1983- Siobhan shows up at Frank’s and Bob’s and wants to take Charlotte to the hotel Amanda and Leigh plan a getaway weekend. 

May 16 1983- Bob tells Jill what happened at the cabin.  Jack goes gunning for Rae on live TV.  Frank goes to Charlotte’ suite and she is gone. 

May 17, 1983- Jack tells Maeve that he has been thinking a lot about Mary.  Frank tells Jill he has not given up o Charlotte.  Maeve imagines talking to Mary. 

May 18, 1983- Jack tells Leigh that because of blasting Rae he lost his job.  Delia questions Siobhan if Frank was carrying on with Charlotte. 

May 19 1983- Amanda asserts herself and asks Hollis for money to back the clinic and gets the money.  Charlotte is seen roaming the streets.  Delia and Siobhan go to see a show and Delia recognizes a singer as Charlotte’s assistant. 

May 20, 1983- With Siobhan’s help, Frank nabs Charlotte’s assistant.  Pat tells Amanda he appreciates what she did, but does not want Kirkland money.   Maeve asks Frank to let go of Charlotte. 

May 23, 1983- Rae and Leigh have an icy introduction.  Frank grills Ethel about Charlotte.  Ethel warns Frank that Charlotte hates him.

May 24, 1983- Mary and Jack have a nice conversation about his moving on.

May 25, 1983- Roger convinces Rae not to launch an attack on Leigh.   Frank tells Pat that he is over his vendetta with Charlotte.  Charlotte calls Neil to say that phase 1 is complete.

May 27, 1983- Leigh fires her attorney.  Jill hires Doug Waterman (Chris Goutman) as her image maker.  Pat tells Frank that he had a premonition about him the day before. 

May 31, 1983- Maeve tells Leigh about her history with the MacCurtain family.  Una MacCurtain calls Charlotte and tells her to also report to her.

June 1, 1983- Leigh tells Jack that she is not mother material.  Pat tells Amanda that he sees Frank standing in flames.  Charlotte calls Frank in the middle of the night.

June 2, 1983

June 3, 1983- Leigh buys the television station.  Maeve tells Pat to keep an eye on Frank. Pat tells Maeve that he had visions of Frank surrounded by flames. Maeve tells pat she is terrified of Charlotte.  Frank spots Charlotte on the street.

June 6, 1983- Leigh’s first act as owner is to put Jack back on the air. Leigh plans on having a big gala (Cont’d on the next disc)

Disc 4


June 3, 1983- Leigh impresses the shareholders with her plans.  Leigh tells Lloyd to make sure Rae is at the gala.  Frank tells Jack that he received a sweet apologetic letter from Charlotte. 

June 6, 1983-.  Frank tells Jack that he received a sweet apologetic letter from Charlotte.  Frank tells Jack that he also saw Charlotte in Riverside. Leigh invites Frank to her gala. Charlotte calls Frank and says she is being watched.

June 7, 1983- Leigh tells jack that he HAS to come to her gala.  Amanda tells Pat that she realizes that she needs to leave Riverside to get her life together after talking with her psychiatrist.  Rae arrives at the gala and cannot find out what the purpose of the gala is.  Jack and Rae are stunned that Leigh bought the TV station.  Charlotte calls Una and tells her to come to Riverside. Leigh announces that Jack will be put back on the evening news.

June 8, 1983- Leigh is surprised at Jack’s angry reaction.  Leigh threatens Rae with calling her father if Rae does not see things her way.  Amanda is nervous about being around so many people.  Rae visits Charlotte and gives her a payment and says they will keep on coming as long as Charlotte keeps their secret.

June 9, 1983- Jill and Frank make up.  Leigh complains to Amanda about Jack’s reaction at the gala.  Frank advises to fight for Jack. 

June 10, 1983- Jill arrives home and listens to a tape of Charlotte.  Frank arrives home thinking Jill is asleep and takes the tape out of the player.  Leigh considers Wes Leonard since Jack does not want the job.  Maeve is enjoying working on Jill’s campaign.  Leigh reaches out to Wes Leonard.  Frank lets jack know that Leigh is considering hiring Wes Leonard. Frank finally catches up to Charlotte. 

June 11, 1983- Leigh meets with Wes Leonard.  Wes accepts Leigh’s offer.  Frank grabs Charlotte. (10 minutes)

June 14, 1983- Another candidate drops out of the race giving Jill an extra 11% in her favor.  Charlotte brings Frank to her home and Frank wants to know who she is and who she is working for.  Wes tells Leigh that if he works for her Rae will surely fire him.  Una calls Charlotte while Frank is there. 

June 15, 1983- Charlotte shows Frank the dossier she has on all of the Ryan’s.  Jack goes to Ryan’s bar and talks about his issues with Leigh to Maeve and Seneca.  Jack throws a punch at Seneca and the police officer Kenny Graham (Corbin Bernsen). 

June 16, 1983- Leigh cries to Amanda about Jack.  Johnny and Jill try to get Jack released, but Kenny is not letting him go.  Frank is impressed with Charlotte’s dossier on the Ryan’s and all the facts.  Jill talks Ken into dropping the charges on Jack.  Leigh is upset when Amanda tells Leigh she is moving to San Francisco.   

June 17, 1983- Una calls Charlotte to tell her they have arrived in New York.  Jill tells Roger that Frank has gone after Charlotte.  Ryan surprises Jack with a Father’s Day gift.  Frank realizes that Charlotte is a very complex and troubled woman. 

June 20, 1983- Frank meets Charlotte’s parents.  Amanda says good bye to her co-workers.  Pat begs Amanda not to leave, but Amanda says if she stays Leigh may resent her.  Roger tells Rae that Frank found Charlotte. Rae begins to panic.  Amanda says good bye to Pat.  Siobhan gives Jack a piece of her mind.

June 21, 1983- Neil starts to tell Frank the story.  Rae calls Charlotte.  Siobhan has a softball game.  Siobhan meets a fellow policeman named Bill Hyde.  Neil tells Frank that because of Frank a man committed suicide. Frank’s family wants revenge and are using Charlotte and her family to seek revenge.  Neil starts getting sicker at Charlotte’s.  Frank says he has to do some fact checking. 

June 22, 1983- Wes asks Jill to appear on his show and Jill accepts.  Siobhan is miffed when she is given a desk job at the police station.  Siobhan and Bill get off to a bad start.  The softball team celebrates at Ryan’s Bar.  Frank tells Maeve and Johnny that he believes Rae is behind everything. 

June 23, 1983- Wes invites Jack to the TV station to watch filming, but Jack declines.  Frank tries to trap Rae by saying that Charlotte said Rae was behind everything because Rae blames Frank for Rae losing Hollis.  Frank says that David LeClerc blames Frank for his brother’s suicide and also has something on Rae.  Wes freezes up so Jill takes over on camera.  Charlotte informs Rae that she no longer needs Rae or her money. Charlotte and her s have other plans for Frank. 

June 24, 1983- Charlotte calls while Frank is in the shower and Jill answers.  Charlotte says it is urgent that Frank see her.  Henry tells Bob that Jill has received a death threat. 

June 27, 1983- Bill visits Jill’s headquarters to see what is going on.  Jill introduces Bill to Faith.  Henry asks Bill questions about Jill having enough protection.  Wes has a meeting about his bad performance with Jill. Leigh regrets hiring Jack’s chief competitor.   Siobhan asks Bill why he did not return the briefcase in Jill’s office.  The suitcase is opened and contains explosives.

June 28, 1983- Leigh goes to Maeve to get advice on how to patch things up with Jack.  Ryan witnesses Jack and Frank arguing about the women in their lives. 

June 29, 1983- Leigh apologizes to Jack and they have a heart to heart. Leigh tells Jack that she promised Ryan to stay in her life.  Frank tells Johnny and Siobhan that he believes Charlotte is telling the truth.  Frank shows Jill a key that he stole from Charlotte and it worries Jill and Jill tells Frank to get rid of it.  Leigh and Jack make up.

June 30, 1983- Frank goes to visit LeClerc.  Bill gets information about Siobhan’s personal life from Ken.  Frank asks LeClerc for help. Frank shows him the key he took from Charlotte Greer aka O’Neal.

July 4, 1983 Frank tells Rae that LeClerc did not commit suicide.  Jack and Leigh wake up after spending the night together.  Rae explains why she sabotaged Frank’s campaign.  Leigh tries to break the news slowly to Wes that Jack is coming on board.

Disc 5


July 4- Rae explains what instructions she gave Charlotte.  Frank tells Rae that Neil and Una are also in New York. 

July 5- Jack fills Siobhan in on Charlotte Greer.  Siobhan admits to missing Joe and Mary.  9 minutes.

August 4- Neil and Una pull a gun on Frank and Maeve. Delia makes a play for Bill.  Neil and Una will not forgive Maeve for the hurt her family did to Neil’s.  Charlotte tries to stop them and Una gets the gun.  Johnny and Jill try to get Rae to talk while Rae is the hospital. Jill tries to get Rae to tell them who stabbed her.  Charlotte tells Una that Neil has died. Una points the gun at Maeve and Frank and shoots.

August 5- Frank is shot and Maeve begs Una to get help.  Bess Shelby remembers telling Ed Coleridge that she is pregnant.  7 minutes

August 8- Jill and Johnny find Maeve and Frank. Johnny calls Siobhan.  Una grabs the gun, but Johnny talks her into giving it to him.  The paramedics arrive.  Faith tells Pat she knows his marriage to Delia was not based on love.  Bess shows her daughter Maggie Shelby an article on her half-sister Jillian Coleridge. Bess shows Maggie baby things from Jill, Maggie and Ben. Bess tells Maggie how well brought up Jillian was. 

August 9- Pat Jillian has a premonition about Frank.  Delia tells Pat what has happened.  Roger prepares for surgery.  Maggie dreams of life outside her Tacoma trailer park. Frank goes into surgery. Bad audio/video.

August 11- Jillian says she will marry Frank when he pulls through.  Johnny tells Pat that Frank may lose a leg and that Charlotte flew the coop.  Bill and Siobhan go to see Una, but are refused access.  Maggie tries to get money that Bess loaned her friend Buddy.  Buddy says the money is gone and Maggie fears eviction. Roger announces that Frank made it through surgery. Jill says she is marrying Frank when he wakes up.

August 12- Jillian proposes to Frank.  Delia is upset because she is not allowed to see Frank.  Ryan surprises Leigh while she is sleeping and Leigh tells her a story.  Everyone is overjoyed that Frank has woken up from surgery. 

August 15- Jillian and the Ryan’s worry when Frank falls into a deep sleep prior to marrying Jillian.  Ryan breaks a glass in Leigh’s bathroom.  A nurse tells Seneca and Rae that Frank and Jill are about to get married.  Seneca tries to prevent the wedding and Jill tells Seneca to finally let go.  Frank passes out before saying his vows.

August 16- Maggie tells Bess that they need to better their lives.  Jillian and Frank are finally wed.  Maggie manipulates a guy she is seeing for fifty dollars.  Maggie writes Bess a note and hits the road.

August 17- Bob is concerned about the outcome of Jill’s campaign.  Jack realizes how much he values Ryan and Leigh. Maggie realizes she does not have enough money. 8 minutes long

August 25- Bill wants to pursue a relationship with Siobhan and Siobhan is not so sure.  Frank tells Maeve he wants little John to live with them and Delia will make it an issue. 

September 2- Faith makes a stunning offer to Jill.  Siobhan needs motherly advice from Maeve.  Maggie is “injured” at campaign headquarters. 8 minutes

September 5- Rae visits with Frank in the hospital.  Pat brings Maggie home to Jill after her “injury” and says Maggie needs bed rest.  Siobhan is irritated when Bill tells her he was looking at Joe Novak’s file.  Frank tells Rae about Jill’s half- sister Maggie.  Maggie sets her cap for Pat.

September 6- Maggie talks with Bess on the phone and does not tell her she is living with Jill.  Bill brings Siobhan home to meet his mother.  Faith asks Maggie a lot of questions about Bess, but Maggie is very evasive.  Bess tells Buddy that something is going on with Maggie and believes Maggie is keeping something from her.

Disc 6


September 6- Bill’s mother tells Siobhan she is the first girl Bill has brought home since his father died.

September 7- Siobhan gets to know more about Bill through his mother.  Maggie begins her plot while Jill goes to a fundraiser.  Maggie’s past comes to haunt her when Stanley shows up at Jill’s. 

September 8- Maggie complains to Faith and Jill that she is in a lot of pain.  Stanley questions Maggie’s motives.  Delia tells Frank and Jill to stop thinking little John will be living with them. 

September 9- Roger arrives back and Jill tells Roger that her mother is alive and that she has a half- sister named Maggie.  Siobhan seeks advice from Pat about her feelings for Bill and Joe.   Maggie sneaks home to Jill’s and meets Roger.

September 12- Roger notices that Maggie’s back is not bothering her.  Delia dreams what it would be like not living with the Ryan’s.  Roger asks Maggie to explain her actions.  Bess realizes Maggie took all of Jill’s things Bess kept.  Bess knows that Maggie did not go to LA and went to NY instead. 

December 27- Following Maggie to New York, Bess pretends to be Betsy Traylor and is hired by Jill as a housekeeper. When Maggie's ex-boyfriend Dusty shows up and blackmails them, a violent argument leads to him being bludgeoned by Bess. Unaware that Betsy is her mother, Jill defends Bess against attempted murder charges. When Dusty awakens from a coma, he tells Jill that "Betsy" is really her mother Bess. Jill forgives Bess and Maggie for the deceit. Jill and Frank suspect that Roger aided Maggie in her lies. Joe Novak has also returned to New York, married to the wealthy Jaqueline Dubujak. When Joe and Siobhan Ryan fall back into an affair, Jaqueline decides to take desperate measures to keep her husband. Upset over all the lies in the Coleridge home, Faith considers taking a job at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

December 28- Faith confronts Roger. Maggie turns to someone outside the family for help. Johnny clues Frank in on the Dubujaks. Bess explains Maggie’s motives to Roger. Faith tells Frank that she loves pat, but can’t marry him at this time. Rae admits to Seneca that she had a hand in Delia leaving Riverside. Roger comes clean with Jill
Note: With this episode, Karen Morris Gowdy leaves the cast of Ryan's Hope. Dr. Faith Coleridge will not be seen again until Karen Gowdy returns for the last week of the show in January 1989.

December 29- Johnny tells Maeve that he called Joe in France and told Joe to stay out of Siobhan’s life.  Maggie gives her version about Roger to Jill.  Siobhan asks Sydney not to connect Joe with the Navatny family.  Jill does not see through Maggie’s lies.  Frank tells Pat about Faith leaving town and pat believes Faith left because she can no longer deal with seeing Jill and Frank together.  Pat and Frank come to blows.  Jill tells Maggie she will give her one more chance.  Rae drops in on Frank and Jill after talking with Delia.  Frank tells Jill that Maggie needs to go. 

December 30- Max gets a run down on the Ryan Family.  Siobhan is livid when Johnny tells her that he spoke with Joe and Jack helped him.  Max is intrigued with Jill.  Joe and Jacqueline enjoy a romantic evening.  Siobhan calls Lazlo.


January 2- Max watches film of Jill and Frank making love.  Siobhan pleads with Lazlo to speak with her about Joe.  Frank tells Jill he wants Bess and Maggie to move out so that little John has a family home.   Max tells Hutch that Joe is the perfect heir to his empire.  Frank and Jill decide to make their marriage legal and elope.  Joe and Max are concerned about Jacqueline’s pregnancy.  Jacqueline wants to find out what Siobhan means to Joe. 

January 3- Max is informed that Siobhan contacted Lazlo.  Little John tells Maeve and Johnny he does not want to live with Frank and Jill.  Frank and Jill tell Maggie they are eloping. Bess tells Jill that the more Maggie gets the more Maggie wants.  Maggie clues Seneca in on the elopement.  Maggie has dreams of being a model.  Little John acts up so the elopement is off.  Max decides to visit Riverside.

January 4- Maggie’s plan backfires and ends up babysitting little John while Frank and Jill elope.  Roger thinks Maggie will make a play for Frank.  Maggie dreams of marrying Frank.  Johnno and Maggie console each other.  Siobhan goes to meet Lazlo and feels she has been set up.

January 5- Bill and Ken are concerned about Siobhan and call Maeve and Johnny.  Jack tells Sydney that when Joe was in NY Joe only saw Lazlo.  Bill tells Johnny and Maeve that someone has been sending Siobhan roses. 

January 6- Maeve and Johnny still panic about Siobhan.  Leigh calls Maeve to find Jack, since Ryan has gotten high fever.  Jack warns Sydney against flirting with Lazlo.  Pat tends to an ill Ryan.  Sydney tries to seduce Jack, and is successful.  Dave finds out that Siobhan never met up with Lazlo.  Leigh shows up at Jack’s and Sydney leaves her stockings out so Leigh sees them, which she does.  Leigh lets Jack know she saw the stockings.  Dave confronts Lazlo.      

January 9- Johnny calls Joe to see if Siobhan may be with him.  Max tries to teach Jacqueline how a marriage works and if Joe strays she should look the other way.  Siobhan gets information about Joe from Lazlo.  Max orders a dossier on the Coleridge family.  Frank and Jill arrive home married.  Dave clues Frank about what is going on with Joe. 

January 10- Bess plans a welcome home party for Frank and Jill.  Hutch and Max decide to accompany Joe to NY.  Frank thanks Maggie for calming Johnno down while Frank and Jill were gone.  Jacqueline warns Joe not to trust Hutch.

January 11- Maggie tells Roger she has a modeling gig.  Maggie meets Dave Greenberg.  Hutch, Joe and max arrive in NY and Joe asks Max to stay out of the Ryan’s life.  Max warns Hutch not to push Joe or Joe will kill Hutch.  Seneca meets with Max.  Max offers Seneca money for a new wing at the hospital. 

January 12- Seneca tells Pat and Roger about Max offer for a new wing.  Dave helps out with Maggie’s photo shoot.  Leigh is very cautious about airing anything about Siobhan being missing. 

January 13- Dave remembers making love to Siobhan.  Johnny is not thrilled to see Joe again.  Maeve and Johnny tell Joe that they do not think Siobhan will become an informant even for Joe.  Joe and Dave butt heads.  Joe advise Dave to marry Siobhan, quit the force and leave the country.

Disc 7


January 13- Joe and Jack come face to face. Joe tells Jack if anything happens to Siobhan Joe will kill Jack. 

March 16- In our story, learning that Joe has gone back on his promise to stay away from Siobhan, the mob detonated a bomb in Ryan's Bar. Joe has been seriously injured with facial burns and also left impotent. Jacqueline tells Joe that she is pregnant with the only child he'll ever have, but she's lying. Jacqueline offers to pay Joe's cousin Laslo to secretly father her child but he refuses. Siobhan learns that she is carrying Joe's baby a result of their one night together. Siobhan promises Jacqueline that she'll stay away from Joe forever. Bill Hyde suggests that Siobhan tell everyone that he is the father of her baby, and they pretend to be engaged. Max Dubujak has hired Frank and Jill as his New York lawyers. He schemes to break up Jill's marriage. Roger is obsessed with Maggie and drinks heavily. One night he forces himself on her but Frank arrives and saves her. When Frank later hears Maggie scream while having a bad dream, Frank rushes into her room and they kiss passionately. With Ryan's Bar destroyed by the bomb, Maeve and Johnny worry about rebuilding, but the community of Riverside rallies to pay their bills. Frank and Maggie discuss their feelings towards each other.  Kathleen’s daughter Katie arrives in Riverside for St. Patrick’s Day. 

May 14- In our story, Max's henchman Hutch has hired assassins to kill Joe. After Bill Hyde saves Joe from an attempted murder, Max sends Joe to a hidden clinic in Switzerland. Unknown to anyone, Joe stages a firey car crash to make everyone think he's been killed. Bill and Jacqueline have seen Max's tape of Joe and Siobhan in bed. Bill and Siobhan quarrel and call off their engagement. Leigh has broken up with Jack over his affair with his producer Sydney Price. Sydney is helping Jack with an expose on Max, who Bill thinks has mob connections. No one knows that Sydney is secretly Max's former mistress. Pru Shephard has arrived in New York from Kentucky to find her older sister "Dawn", who is actually Sydney Price. Maggie and Frank fight their attraction to one another, but they give in to another kiss and are caught by Jill. Roger, who is still obsessed with having Maggie, is infuriated that she is attracted to Frank. Roger tells Jill that Faith was right about Maggie being a user and convinces Jill that Maggie will stop at nothing to take Frank away from her. A furious Jill orders Maggie to get out of the Coleridge brownstone. Maggie is taken in by Dave Greenberg, who is remodeling a loft above the deli. Seneca threatens to suspend Roger from Riverside Hospital, because he's slipping further into alcoholism.

May 15- Dave tells Max that Joe was killed in a car crash.  Pru gets a make-over to appear more sophisticated.  News of joe’s death hits Riverside. 

May 16- Jacqueline tells Lazlo that Joe was killed.  Max wants to handle Joe’s remains.  Lazlo refuses to sleep with Jacqueline until she is in love with him.  Pat tells Maeve and Johnny that Siobhan is in labor.  Jacqueline tells max that she lied about being pregnant. 

May 17- Siobhan gives birth to a healthy boy.  Bill is surprised to find out Siobhan named him the father.  Dave warns Roger to stay away from Maggie.  Katie presses Maeve on who the father of Siobhan’s baby is.

May 18- Roger starts watching every move Maggie makes.  Jill tells Frank that nothing she does pleases Johnno.  Frank suggests that they have a baby.  Pat tells Frank and Jill about the baby. 

May 21- Katie has her audition.  Katie flops.  Roger freaks Maggie out.  Frank and Jill are surprised Bill is the father of Siobhan’s baby.

May 22- Max gives Maggie some much needed advice.  Johnny gives Katie a hard time for being dishonest with them about her audition.  Max tells Frank that Jacqueline miscarried. 

May 23- Pat tells Katie to give the Ryan’s another chance.  Max listens in on Maggie and Frank talking.  Maggie tells Frank about Dave protecting her from Roger.  Bess tries to patch things up with Jill and Maggie.  Katie tells Pru that they will find her sister, “Crystal Dawn”.  Johnno tells Jill that Delia is coming home to make things better.

May 24- Max asks Jacqueline if she knows who the father of Siobhan’s baby is.  Jill tells frank about Johnno calling Delia multiple times a day. 

May 25- Jill and Frank try to repair their marriage. Frank tells Jill that Roger is still obsessed with Maggie.  Dave surprises Maggie with the updates to the loft.  Frank visits Maggie in the loft while Roger looks on.  Maggie tells Frank that she can’t love Dave because she loves Frank. Roger goes ballistic.

May 28- Roger pushes a scafling down on Maggie and Frank.  Rico thinks Dave no longer wants to adopt him.  Pru and Katie tell Dave there was a loud crash.  Frank and Roger fight.  Johnno wants Johnny to tell him why Jill kicked Maggie out of the house.  Dave tries to help Frank and Maggie, but is unable to get into the loft. 

May 29- Johnno asks Johnny if he can live with him.  Siobhan names her baby, Sean Patrick. Bill is called in to try and get into the loft.  Frank punches Roger and Roger falls down a shaft.  Dave notifies Jill about Frank and Maggie. 

May 30- Jill is furious with Frank and Maggie.  Roger is rushed to the hospital.  Ken questions Frank and Maggie about what happened with Roger.  Frank lies and says Roger fell.  Frank tells Maggie that have to create a story about why Roger fell. 

May 31- Bill asks Siobhan how close Frank and Maggie are.  Dave tells Maggie her story of the accident does not add up.  Sydney tries to set Max up.  Jack films runaways that hang out at Greenberg’s Deli.    

June 1- Sydney agrees to set up Jack for Max.  Jill tries to get Roger to talk and Roger ends up muttering Frank and Maggie’s names.  Leigh tells Jack that she wants to shelve the Dubujak story and Jack threatens to quit, Sydney thinks it is a good idea though.  Max shows Jill concern about Roger. 

June 11- In our story, Roger has told his sister Jill that he saw Frank and Maggie in bed together in the loft, and Frank attacked him to keep him quiet. Dave asks Maggie to marry him, and they think about a Christmas wedding. Max gathers world financiers to plot Operation Eagle in an attempt to corner the international gold market. Fearing Jack will walk out on WTJ-TV, Leigh lets him continue with the expose on Max.  Jill tells Dave that Frank and Maggie made love. 

Disc 8


July 27- Jil

June 1- Jil

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Disc 14

1988- December 5-9, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30

Disc 15

1989-January 2-6, 9-13