Sudsluva Soap Opera Trading List

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Another World-1964-1980

Disc 1-Eddie D

May 22, 1964 (angled)

July 1-3, 1968

Walter and Lenore wed

October 8, 1973

Alice Frame Emmy Reel

May-July 1974

Sept. 10, 1974

July 22, 1975 (angled)

Aug. 15, 1975 (angled)

Nov. 26, 1975 (angled)

Nov. 26, 1976

July 8 & 11, 1977

May 26, 1976 (angled)

June 18, 21 & 23, 1976 (angled)

March 15, 1978 (angled)

Disc 2

1979- St Croix flashbacks with Rachel killing Janice

Disc 3- Eddie D, DVD

March 6, 1979, 90 minute show

Iris tells Brian that Buzz is blackmailing her.  John saves Alice from a fire started by Olive and dies in the process.  Willis tells Janice to stop interfering in his private life.  Roy tells Angie to stop interfering with Gwen and Willis.  Alice tells Michael and Karen that John died in the fire that Olive set.  District attorney Tom Albini calls Brian to tell him about John’s death.  Pat is told about John’s death.  Karen tracks Marianne down at a diner.  At the dinner Marianne hears a radio announcement about John as Michael and Karen arrive to take her to Pat.  Dan and Jim tell Liz about John.  Olive is furious that John died instead of Alice. 

Disc 4-

Oct 11, 1979

Joey gets the charges against him dismissed.  With Sally’s help Blaine plans on spiking Jamie’s drinks with full grain alcohol.  June is exposed for turning Kirk into the FCC.  Russ surprises Jim and Liz by coming back to Bay City.  Willis is furious with Kirk resigning and what will happen to Frame Enterprises. Angie and Willis argue over Gwen and Willis hits the bottle.  Liz catches Sally returning her stolen brooch in Liz’ purse.  Joey asks Eileen to marry him and Eileen says yes.  June denies turning Kirk into the FCC and they argue.  Kirk slaps and threatens June.  A furious Willis tells Angie he is going to kill Kirk. 

Nov 21, 1979

Janice and Mitch begin their plan on Mac.  Mac visits Janice to talk about their marriage and her past.  Joey and Eileen are married.  After hearing Janice’s background in New York, Mac wants to give their marriage a second chance.  Joey and Eileen tell an ecstatic Rose about their marriage.  Rose gets a call from the hospital saying that Angie is accepting visitors.  Angie admits to Rose and Willis that she trapped Willis into marriage by getting pregnant.  Sally asks Mitch if she can get a job at his new disco.  Janice tells an unhappy Mitch that her and Mac are back together.  Rachel blows up at Janice in front of mac and Brian.  Sally meets Kit at the hospital and asks her about nursing.  Rachel tells Ada that she is going to get info on Janice from Mitch Blake.  Rachel goes to meet Mitch against Ada’s warnings that Mitch is trouble. 


Disc 1-5 (5 Discs)

1980-Aug. 1, 4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14

 Full episodes surrounding the wedding of Tracy and Russ Matthews, Miranda Bishop throws a party, Blaine and Jerry break up, Cecile’s machinations against Kit and Joey, including the final 90 minute show featuring Bay City and Houston stories

Disc 6-7 (2 discs)

1980- Aug. 15, 18, 19, 20

Full episodes surrounding Miranda visits Rachel and Ada,  Kita and Joey move into Miranda’s temporarily, Amy tries to get close to Jerry,  Cecile calls Pat a drunk and rips up her resignation.  Jamie and Cecile get closer, Mitch wants to be involved with Rachel’s pregnancy. Margo and Bill go to the Arena together. Blaine sleeps with Jordan. Jordan confides in Blaine about his upbringing. Rachel questions Kit about Miranda, Philip calls Pat about Brava.

Disc 8

1980- Aug. 22, 25, 26

Blaine talks with Clarice and Larry, Kit has friends over for a swim while someone has broken in her and Joey’s apartment.  Taylor wants protection for Kit, Jamie and Cecile getting closer.

Disc 9

1980- Aug. 27 & 28

Ada asks Charlie to speak to Mitch about leaving Rachel alone.  Amy and Jerry make love.  Margo takes care of Jim while he is sick, much to Liz’ chagrin.  Clarice, Larry, Jamie and Cecile check out the Arena, where Blaine is now hostess.

Disc 10

1980- Aug. 29 and Sept. 1

Joey confides in Gwen about not wanting to stay at Miranda’s.  Mac tells Gwen she should think about going to Australia to be with Willis. Mitch wants Ada and Charlie to stay out of his business.

Blaine visits Clarice and talks about Jerry.  Mitch goes to the Cory’s and through Vivien he finds out they are in New York.  Jerry, Margo and Brian discuss where Jerry will go once he passes the bar.  Mitch lashes out at Ada, and Larry lashes out at Clarice over Robert Delaney.  Blaine confronts Amy about Jerry.

Disc 11

1980- September 1, 2, 3, 4

Blaine visits Clarice and talks about Jerry.  Mitch goes to the Cory’s and through Vivien he finds out they are in New York.  Jerry, Margo and Brian discuss where Jerry will go once he passes the bar.  Mitch lashes out at Ada, and Larry lashes out at Clarice over Robert Delaney.  Blaine confronts Amy about Jerry.

Miranda comes back to town and stirs it up with Amy and Mac.  Mac calls a meeting about Pat not coming back and wants to know why Cecile held back Pat’s letter.  Rachel goes to the disco to tell off Mitch.

Cecile interviews Blaine.  Cecile and Amy go looking for a new apartment for Cecile.  Margo and Jerry talk about his future.  Jerry talks with Amy about how he should handle his divorce.

Miranda, Taylor, Kit and Joey try to decide where they shall live.  Craig tries to get info about Kit from Amy.  Rachel tells Ada she is throwing a party. 

Disc 12

1980- September 5, 8, 9, 10

Rick does not like the way Taylor is handling Kit and Joey’s situation.  Joey moves back to the apartment, without Kit.  Craig asks Kit to go away with him.  Miranda has a tape that has Janice and Mitch plotting against Mac.  When Taylor and Mac go sailing Mac walks into a door.  At Rachel’s’ Party Mac passes out.

Russ and Tracy come back from their honeymoon and he is called to the hospital to check on Mac.  Mitch asks Miranda if she found anything in her home since Mac and Janice lived there.  Gwen tries to talk some sense into Joey.  Cindy Lee alerts Tracy to Jason’s jealousy.  Ada and Rachel discuss Mitch at the hospital where Mac has been diagnosed with a concussion and Rachel says if Mitch were dead things would be better...overheard by Linda Metcalf.

Jerry wants Amy to officially meet Margo.  The ex hostess at the Arena, Carrie warns Blaine about Jordan.  Assistant district attorney Zachary Colton is introduced.  Philip goes to visit Pat now that she is back and she tells him she has sworn off alcohol.  The Matthews have a get-together.  Carrie passes out.

Carrie is found dead from an overdose of heroin.  Against Amy and Miranda’s wishes Kit goes to see Joey at the apartment and they end up fighting.  Margo and Larry ask Jerry to talk to Blaine about leaving the Arena.

Disc 13

1980- September 11 & 15

Tracy and Russ feel something bad is going to happen to Mac and Rachel.  Mitch tells Ada that he is telling Mac that he is the father of the baby Rachel is carrying.  Brad warns Kit about Craig using her for her money.  Taylor gives Miranda some papers to give to Mac. Miranda goes to the Cory’s as Ada warns Rachel about Mitch’ plan.  As the barn burns Rachel freaks.  Sally decides to move to Chicago and be with Alice.

Disc 14

1980- September 16 & 17

Rachel is questioned by the police.  Gwen decides to move to Australia to be with Willis.  Zachary goes to Miranda’s to ask her about what he overheard her say at the Arena about Mitch and Rachel meeting. 

Miranda is sorry she got caught gossiping about Rachel.  Bay City worries about Rachel.

Disc 15

1980- September 12, 18, 19

Larry investigates Carrie’s death.  At the Arena, Blaine and Zachary overhear Miranda and Taylor discussing Rachel and Mitch getting together later that night. Rachel shoots Mitch in the stables and flees when a prowler comes in and steals Mitch’s wallet and then Mitch shoots him and sets the stable on fire.

Larry starts questioning for Zachary and finds Jason more than happy to talk.  Kit realizes that Joey tried to get a hold of her.  Pat visits Mac.  Tracy breaks down about Mitch.

Zachary grills Rachel and then visits Miranda.  Tracy tells Russ she is helping Jason by doing the act since Cindy Lee quit.  Some drifters realize they have Mitch in their camper.

Disc 16

1980- September 22, 23, 24

Amy’s jealousy of Kit starts to show.  Kit and Craig talk about their other halves.  The drifters dump Mitch off at a doctor’s house.  Mitch has amnesia.  Tracy worries about the way Jason is acting.

Tracy tells Rachel about Mitch’s memorial service.  Zach is trying to get info about, “Harry must die”.  Rachel breaks down to Ada.  Pat and Cecile run into eacjh other at Macs. 

The Matthews get ready to support Tracy on opening night.  Cecile and Jamie spend a romantic evening together.  Philip tries to get close to Pat.  Zach takes Miranda out to the Arena in hopes of getting info out of her.

Disc 17

1980- September 25, 26, 29

Mitch wakes up on a freight train with amnesia.  Gwen says good-bye to Bay City.  Brian gets some insight about Mitch from Margo.  Cecile, Brad and Jerry show up at the shoot.  Mac and Rachel go to the memorial service.

Pat has Liz, Tracy and Russ over for dinner.  Philip shows up afterwards to talk Pat into coming back to Brava.  Tracy gets questioned by Zach.  Joey and Rick show up at the cabin with the party in full swing.

Blaine and Jerry are divorced.  Miranda tried to comfort Kit.  Miranda visits Mac.  Robert Delaney comes back to Bay City and visits with Clarice.  Brian speaks to Miranda about giving out misinformation to Zach. 

Disc 18

1980- September 30, October 1, 2

Zach questions Vivian.  Robert Delaney visits Mac.  Pat lets Phillip and Mac know she is going back to Brava.  Larry finds out that Robert is in town.  Jamie and Cecile get cozy.  Zach questions Jason. 

Russ, Tracy and Janice discuss her career.  Larry visits Robert and has it out with him.  Philip and Pat go to the Supper Club.  Zach takes Miranda out and tells her he knows she wants Mac.  Mitch on a train.

Pat back at work at Brava and drinking again.  Cecile unveils her new office.  Joey tries to get a hold of Kit, and Miranda takes the call.  Jerry goes to see Blaine while Jordan is there.  Jim and Liz show up at Cecile’s unveiling.

Disc 19

1980- Oct. 3, 6, 7, 8

Rachel faints after hearing Brian say that Zach is reading Harry must die and has an appt to see the author, Donald Tanner.  Phillip confronts Cecile on trying to get Pat to drink at her office party.  Zachary talks with Linda Metcalf.  Robert and Pat dine out.  Kit and Joey keep missing each other.  Amy and Jerry hit the sheets.  Zachary tells Miranda he wants her to become Mac and Rachel’s “best friend”. 

Pat hung-over.  Blaine get’s  interviewed.  Robert visits Clarice. 

Disc 20

1980- Oct. 9, 10, 13

Joey packs up and moves out and tells Kit he is seeking an annulment.  Larry goes to talk to Charley about Robert.  Zachary questions Vivian again.  Linda tells Brian she feels awful about the situation with the Cory’s and her involvement.  Miranda goes to see Mac.

Donald Tanner visits Zach Colton and talks about his book.  Miranda plays matchmaker for Kit and Brad.  Joey leaves town.  Cecile eggs Pat on.  Before Philip leaves for Switzerland he asks Pat to go with him.

Kit and Brad make a splash at the Arena.  Blaine moves in with Jordan.  Amy tells Jerry and Margo.  Margo goes to warn Blaine.  Jordan says that Margo is going to cause trouble.  Mac visits Miranda.  Larry and Clarice discuss Robert.  Robert wants to be a father to Cory and tells Charley so.

Disc 21

1980- Oct. 14, 15, 16

Jerry and Margo argue over Blaine.  Calculating Amy and Cecile plan a party to help push Pat over the edge.  Pat is drinking at work.  The Matthews go see Tracy sing.  Tracy and Russ have a new home.  Jason plans on having Tracy all to himself. 

The priest that married Kit and Joey visits with Kit.  Tracy and Jason goe to San Francisco.  Robert visits with Clarice and Larry.  Miranda takes care of Amanda.

Blaine goes off on Margo.  Jordan visits Margo and tells her to back off.  Zachary is getting ready to prosecute Rachel.

Disc 22

1980- Oct. 17, 20, 21

Cecile pushes Pat over the edge at her party.  Everyone notices how drunk Pat is.  Joey meets a honeymoon couple.  Zachary puts out a warrant for Rachel’s arrest.

Blaine makes a fool of herself at Cecile’s party.  Clarice is stressing out about Robert.  Tracy is a smash success in San Francisco.  Russ surprises Tracy in San Francisco.  Jason puts a crimp in Russ and Tracy’s reunion and gives her a fur coat.  Russ sees what Jason is doing.  Amy thinks Kit is after Jerry.  Ada is very suspicious of Miranda’s motives.

Disc 23

1980- Oct. 22, 23, 24

Miranda realizes she has lost the incriminating tape of Mitch and Janice.  Kit decides to act like the rich debutant everyone thinks she is.  Robert and Clarice kiss while in his suite.  Blaine seeing Robert and Clarice going up to the suite; later warns Robert he could have an accident.  Pat wakes up hung over and Cecile visits her and tells her to quit.  Liz and Jim are at odds over Cecile.  Kit has a family luncheon before going to Philadelphia for a visit.  Miranda still has no luck finding the tape.  Larry says if Clarice see’s Robert again, the marriage is over.  A fight brews over Jerry with Amy accusing Kit of wanting him.   Jim visits Pat and wants to help her.  Marianne calls Pat to say she is visiting Bay City.  Larry comes to the Cory’s to arrest Rachel. 

Disc 24

1980- Oct. 27, 28, 29

Rachel is arrested and fingerprinted.  Phillip get’s news of Pat’s behavior at Cecile’s party.  Pat fears when she hears Rachel has been arrested.  Miranda freaks when she hears about Rachel.  Olivia Delaney arrives in Bay City and shows up at Clarice’s.  Cecile asks Pat to come back to the complex in Mac’s absence.  Blaine sort of levels with Margo.  Tracy and Russ are planning a family.  Tracy is questioned by Brian.  Zachary is questioned by Ada.  Larry asks to be taken off the case.  Olivia and Tracy bond.

Disc 25

1980- Oct. 30, 31, Nov. 3, 4

Amy cries the blues to Jerry about Blaine.  Blaine becomes difficult in an interview with Brava.  Jerry confronts Blaine.  The duchess passes away and leaves Phillip a very wealthy man.   Through Liz and Cecile, Pat finds out that Phillip is very wealthy now.  Gena and Phillip have a quaint reunion.  Margo again tries to convince Blaine to leave Jordan.  Zachary lets Brian know the trial date. 

Tracy is subpoened by Zachary.  Rachel remembers a man in St. Lucia that could vouch for her, but he ends up dead.  Olivia tries to get to know Clarice.  Larry has a chat with Olivia.  Cecile taunts pat about Phillip’s sudden wealth.  At a party in his honor in Switzerland, Philip contemplates staying.   Both Marianne and Philip call and speak to Pat, whom is drunk. 

Disc 26

1980- Nov.5, 6, 7, 10, 11

Margo goes to Blaine and tells her she will go to the DA if she has to.  Blaine tells her that Zachary is in debt to Jason.  Olivia accepts Russ’ offer to stay in Bay City.  Jason makes a play for Olivia.  Liz playing right in Cecile’s hands where Pat is concerned.  Pat and Liz have a horrible argument that leaves Liz shaken and she runs to Cecile.  Miranda starts to ask Jerry a lot of questions about the jury.  Margo asks Jerry about Zachary’s ethics.  Miranda and Amy throw Kit a welcome home party.  Brad tells Kit how he feels about her.  Miranda and Vivien are called to the stand.

Disc 27

1980- Nov. 12, 13, 14, 17

Miranda gives damaging testimony at Rachel’s trial. Tracy confides to Rachel that for a baby she would forsake her career.  Marianne comes to Bay City.  Cecile wants Pat to write an article on “kept” men.  The Matthews throw a party for Marianne and sparks fly between her and Rick.  Margo and Blaine have another disagreement about Jordan.    Marianne gets an earful from Aunt Liz.  Tracy Matthews takes the stand.  Jerry tells Amy he wants to stop seeing her, Amy then blackmails Miranda into helping her get Jerry back.  Marianne and Rick go on a date. 

Disc 28

1980- Nov. 18, 19, 20, 21

Joey returns and Rick and Marianne see more of each other. More of the trial.  Joey and Kit have an icy reunion.  Donald Tanner takes the stand.  Amy tells Miranda that Phillip has inherited a lot of money.  Rachel and Linda take the stand.  At Liz’ insistence Russ checks to see if there are any nursing positions open for Marianne.  Mitch starts remembering things.  Jerry decides to go undercover with Larry.  Zachary tells Miranda to go to the courtroom the next day and expect the big showdown that will split the Cory’s.

Disc 29

1980- Nov. 24, 25, 26, 27

Brad tries to push Kit too fast and she declines and he flips out.  Larry goes and buys an expensive sports car.  Mac takes the stand and finds out that he is not the father of Rachel’s baby.  Mac takes a cottage to be by himself and Miranda shows up to comfort him.  Clarice and Blaine are not happy with the way Larry is acting.

Tracy and Russ have a dinner party as do the Ewing’s.  Miranda brings food to Mac.  Cecile throws a party.  Pat’s bubble is burst when Gena shows up at the party and runs to Phillip.  Jerry and Amy have a huge argument. 

Disc 30

1980- Nov. 28, Dec. 1-3


Rachel asks Tracy that is she is found guilty,  she wants Russ and Tracy to take the baby.  Amy tells Miranda that she knows she is sneaking off to see Mac.  Miranda tells Amy to go back to Philly.  The verdict is in. 

Mac decides to go to the court room to hear the verdict.  Jerry goes to Rick about Brad’s mental stability who then goes to Amy who confirms it.  Amy gives Cecile the scoop on Miranda.  Rick warns Kit about Brad. 

Rachel is found guilty.  Russ tells Tracy the news and then he talks with Mac about raising the baby.

Mac tells Brian he wants a divorce from Rachel and is fine about Russ and Tracy bringing up the baby.  Kit and Joey get their annulment. 

Disc 31

1980- Dec. 4-9


Tracy tells Jason that she and Russ are getting Rachel’s baby.   Zachary and Miranda have a heart to heart.  Olivia gets a visit from Liz, who discusses Russ and Tracy.  Marianne and Rick are growing close.  Pat hits the sauce.  Kit goes to Amy about Brad.   Amy asks Brad about being in a mental institution and he strangles her.

Amy calls Kit to warn her about Brad, but is interrupted by Cecile.  Cecile and Amy argue and Amy quits Brava and then decides to not warn Kit.  Rachel says her good bye to Mac and tells him her plans for the children.

Tracy visits with Rachel prior to leaving for prison.  Mac and Brian accompany Rachel as she goes to prison.  Miranda takes care of Amanda while they are gone.   Aunt Liz gives Russ her two cents about he and Tracy raising Rachel’s baby.  Jason and Olivia dine out.  

Philip walks in on Pat drinking at work.  Rachel adjusting to prison life.  Olivia warns Tracy about Aunt Liz.  Mac and Jamie have an uncomfortable conversation.

Cecile starts to  weave Mac into her life.  Amy says her good byes to Kit and Miranda as she leaves Bay City. 

Disc 32

1980- Dec. 10-12, 15


Miranda tells Craig that she is happy Amy left town.  Kit gets her job back at the hospital.  Liz shows up at Jim’s and Margo is there and Liz warns him that she is too young for him.  Larry is making Clarice nervous with his spending ways.  Brad witnesses Kit and Jerry at the roller rink. 

Pat is drinking at work and Philip catches her.  Philip has lunch with Marianne.  Tracy confronts Liz about her accusations about married life with Russ.

Blaine is warned about Jordan’s womanizing ways.  Larry wants to look at a new house, but Clarice has reservations.  Rachel becoming pals with a girl in jail, who it turns out has friends that picked up Mitch the night he was shot.

Jason is not happy about the plan of Russ and Tracy becoming parents.  Olivia starts to get her claws into Russ, with Jason’s help.  Cecile has a party and Mac brings Miranda, and Cecile lets it be known that Zach was at Miranda’s place.  Rachel goes into labor. 

Disc 33

1980- Dec. 16-19


Larry takes out a large interest loan to pay off bills.  Brad wins big at black jack.  Rachel talks with Tracy about plans for the baby.

Mac meets Ruby’s boyfriend Ernie.  Blaine makes peace with Jamie, but not Cecile.  Miranda tries to get on Mac’s good side by spending time with Amanda.  Kit gets her nursing job back and tries to cool things with Brad.  Jordan offers Larry a loan.  Tracy and Russ discuss bring up the baby.

Rachel gives birth to a baby boy and names him Matthew after Russ and Tracy.  Mac is determined to get info from Ernie.  Pat has lunch with Philip and goes back to work drunk and is clumsy in front of Cecile and Liz.

Brad makes a fool of himself at the nurse station to get Kit in trouble.  Mac asks Jerry to check to see if Mitch’s body was actually the one in the coroners.  Cecile walks in on Mac and Miranda.

Disc 34

1980- Dec. 22, 23, 24, 25


Marianne accepts a date from Jamie in front of Rick.  Jason and Tracy argue about her career.  Larry accepts Jordan’s offer of a loan.  Clarice tells Charlie she has heard from Denny and Leigh. 

Mac tells Rachel he wants custody of Matthew.  Tracy has second thoughts about being a mother and having a career.  Rachel tells Tracy that Mac is taking the baby.  Jerry tells Kit he is falling for her. 

Cecile throws a holiday party for the employees of Cory publishing.  Pat shows up drunk, Cecile and Miranda trade barbs.  Miranda and Kit have Jerry and Margo over for Christmas dinner.  Blaine and Margo have a nice talk. 

Christmas in Bay City.

Disc 35

Dec.26, 30, 31

#4186, 4188, 4189

Brad tells Kit that he is leaving Bay City, Jerry and Miranda have reservations.  Ernie visits Mac to help him find Mitch.  While Joey is visiting Ada and Charlie, Ada discovers that Charlie passed away in his sleep.

Ada has Charlie’s funeral with just Larry, Clarice and Joey.  Mac tells Jamie he is next in line at Brava.  Jason books Tracy in Vegas and Russ gets a promotion at work which causes friction for the Matthews.

Leigh Hobson comes to town.  Cecile laughs as Pat gets drunk on New Year’s Eve.